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What we do

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We dive in the business context of our clients and their users to understand the needs and expectations. By their side, we design solutions, prototyping services and MVPs to deliver artifacts that are taylored to our clients values and the needs of their users.



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We dive into lives and contexts of people to reveal insights that lead to innovation in products and services.
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Situational Research

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Understanding of the current situation of the organization, through the visual mapping of actors and rules that are applied to the service context. Analytics and benchmarking can be also applied.
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Ethnographic Research

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Field research that gives organizations a new comprehension of the problems their users face, their needs and possibilities to adress these issues. It employs methods from anthropology like participative observation and in-depth interviews.
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Service Experiencing

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The researcher puts himself in the user shoes, experiencing the services and products. This method is capable of revealing useful insights for decision making.
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We cocreate strategies and structures that support innovation inside organizations.
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Organization innovation

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Through immersion by research, Kyvo consultants facilitate cocreative sessions with different level stakeholders of the organization. This is the support for the implementation of an innovation program.
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Business Modelling

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We redesign services and strategies to create new businesses, always aiming to understand the needs and demands of people.
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Consumer Trends Analysis

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Along with market research data, we also analyze trends of an specific segment or industry and take them to discussion in cocreative sessions.
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We design services according to consumer’s needs and service providers specificities.
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Process optimization

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From understanding the tacit knowledge and the rules of organization gathered on the research, we identify opportunities to improve and optimize processes and services applying visualization tools to understand the user journey.
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User Centered Design

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To deliver meaningful solutions, we facilitate cocreative sessions stakeholders from different levels of the organization around the consumer’s viewpoint, employing empathy exercises and discussions over value propositions.
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We design interactive products, environments, systems e digital services from the research to development.
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Digital Product Design

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More than designing visually astonishing interfaces, we apply a holistic approach to meet the user’s needs along the whole experience of use of the product. We build products and make them ready to reach the market, going from visual design to development and implementation.
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User Experience Assessment

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We apply heuristic evaluations and user testing to identify usability problems. We also compare different versions of a project to measure performance. The results obtained are used in the enhancement of the products.
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Information Architecture

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We structure, organize and create labels for contents, define navigation and interaction flows with the goal of easing the comprehension and the decision making by the user.
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We facilitate workshops and trainings that empower organizations to implement innovation processes.
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Design Thinking and Innovation

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This training will bring your organization to a common ground in terms of understanding the principles of Design Thinking, the main tools and terms used and how wicked problems can be deconstructed and reframed in creative ways.
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Service Design and Innovation

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This training will bring your organization to a common ground in terms of understanding the principles of Service Design, mains tools and terms used and how a workflow oriented towards services can improve and optimize your performance.
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User Experience and Innovation

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Built with IT and digital channels in mind, this training will give resources, models and tools for your organization to create products for real users, understanding how to make use of research insights along with lean development.
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